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deb paquette

Parents and Students of Van Buren County,

The tragic events of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting are still in the forefront of all our minds.  Our thoughts are with the students, staff, parents, first responders, and all who have been personally touched by this incident.   This heartbreaking event has all school districts around the nation reflecting on the safety and security of our students and staff.

As school superintendents and law enforcement officials of Van Buren County, we want to assure you of our dedication in keeping every school district safe for students and staff.  School safety is our first and foremost priority.  School districts and law enforcement have collaborated, as partners, to put into place overlapping layers of security for schools.  The layers of security include:

  • Law enforcement officers and school district staff going through the Active Shooter Incident Response (ASIR) training.
  • Law enforcement officers training in school buildings on tactics used to deal with active shooters.
  • A county wide school emergency management resource.
  • Local school administrators access to threat assessment resources.
  • The OK to SAY program in our school buildings for confidential reporting of school threats.
  • A Van Buren Countywide Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Team.

As school superintendents and law enforcement officials, we have loved ones attending our schools. We share your concern for school safety and pledge to keep our schools safe and secure.  To accomplish our vow, we will:

  • Quickly investigate any/all threats made to school and student safety.
  • Involve county resources to assure school district needs are met.
  • Continue to go above required safety drills to train school staff on ASIR.
  • Continue to train with law enforcement in active shooter response training.

We commit to working together for the safety and benefit of our most treasured assets; STUDENTS.


Deb Paquette