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Bloomingdale Schools is a great place to learn!

cardinal-post-image-150x150We are excited to be a part of your children’s lives! We work hard to provide a great education in an inviting environment.
We are a continuing Michigan Department of Education REWARD SCHOOL since 2012 and work hard to maintain that status.

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From our Superintendent…

As Superintendent of deb_paquette-404x256-150x150Bloomingdale
Public Schools and the parent of children in our
district, I am proud of the accomplishments of our students and staff. We are fortunate to have the support of a community that values education and together we are making great things happen.

Bloomingdale Middle and High School was recognized for having the highest composite ACT score in our area.  Our students are top-performing in college and career readiness. We have Positive Behavior Support programs. Click here to view our many other Points of Pride.

Bloomingdale Public Schools is a great place to learn!

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October 2016 Cardinal Connections

Find all our Cardinal Connections articles here.  Cardinal Connections feature district-wide news for the previous two months.

Daily Middle/High School Announcements

​January 13, 2017

Do you get excited to leave school each day, but hate having to scrape off the wintery snow and ice from your vehicle before you go? Well worry no more! The Bloomingdale Track Team is raising money for 2017 by cleaning off your vehicles for you before the end of each day. Imagine walking out to find your car or truck, free of snow and ice, freshly brushed and ready for the road. For the small daily fee of $1 for cars, or $2 for trucks and SUV’s, the track team will brave the wintery cold, and have your sweet ride ready to roll by the time you get out there at 3:10 pm. For more information, see Mrs. Bertuca to get started right away!

Middle and High School Students,
Have you ever wanted to try your hand at ice carving? Using hammers, saws, hair dryers and lots of other tools to sculpt in ice? Well here is your opportunity! The South Haven Chamber of Commerce is hosting a carving class on January 28 and having a contest Feb 3-5. Get together a team of 3-7 people including one adult, and chisel your chance …

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