Pullman-Bloomingdale Collaboration Day

“Bloomingdale-Pullman Collaboration was fun because we did a gummy life-saver activity. We had to work together to get Sam, the gummy worm, to safety.” Rowan A.

“I liked the blanket game that we played together. A kid from Bloomingdale sat on one side, and a kid from Pullman sat on the other. When the blanket was dropped, we had to guess each other’s names.” Brooke E.


4th and 5th grade students from both elementary buildings met for a second time this year in order to get to know each other better before entering middle school. Collaboration Days continue to provide opportunities for our students to form friendships and make connections. We all look forward to seeing our friends from the whole district. The custom-made fifth graders’ shirts say it best, “Three towns, two schools, one family”! Go Cardinals!

BE PE Collaboration Day BE PE Collaboration Day

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