Be The Change Fun Day

Fun Day was held on Friday, May 12. This was an incentive activity planned for all students that had 30 Be the Change tickets and were off the ZAP list. All students received 30 Be the Change tickets at the beginning of the school year. They also received an additional 25 tickets at the start of the 2nd and 3rd trimesters for a total of 80 free tickets. Students only lose tickets for being tardy and not attending an after school ZAP session.

The high school students were able to attend Fun Day the first half of the day. The middle school students attended the second half of the day. There were many different activities that the students could take part in. There were 9 different inflatables from Vertical Edge, there was a gaming room that included 4 different gaming systems, students played basketball, and they were able to play several different outdoor games such as Giant Jenga, Yard Yahtzee, and Giant Connect Four. Many different teachers and administrators took turns in the dunk tank.

“The weather was great, and the students had a lot of fun at Fun Day. The purpose of Fun Day is to reward students for getting to class on time and doing their school work. It was a huge success!” stated Assistant Principal, Melissa Corona.

Dunk Tank Mrs Chartier

Mrs. Chartier in the dunk tank for Fun Day

Bungee Run and Pliley

Mrs. Pliley is having fun in the 3-Lane
Bungee Run as she raced her students.

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