Film Festival

On May 25th, 2017 the audience start filling up for the highly anticipated 2017 Film Festival. Parents, grandparents, and friends of the community began shifting in their seats, excited for the night. Hannah Remington began the program by welcoming the lively crowd. Mr. Douglas then began his videos as the crowd shouted with laughter. Once his portion was over, the music began as the actors were nervously waiting to go on stage.

Once the curtains were pulled the adorable munchkins popped up behind the bushes and skipped onto center stage. Destiny Kohlhoff as Dorothy sang with Faith Dickerson as Glinda and greatly impressed the crowd. All the munchkins were equally adorable and full of energy! Once Dorothy was encouraged to “follow the yellow brick road” the lights dimmed into the Sound of Music.

Julie Andrews belted out the “Hills are Alive” on screen as a select group of munchkins changed frantically. The scene then opened on Hannah Remington as Maria and James Aaron as Captain Von Trapp entering the mansion. Captain Von Trapp strictly told Maria the orderly fashion of his house. Despite his wishes, Maria was determined to make the atmosphere fun. Hannah began singing “Do Re Mi” as the adorable Von Trapp children danced around the stage. Once the song was over, the crowd went wild. Hoots, hollers- all were in the equation.

Thanks to the help of Mr. Joel Baker, Mrs. Jensen, Mr. Douglas, devoted parents, and countless others, the night was a success. The theater arts and video production program would like to thank all who attended and continue to support the arts at Bloomingdale.

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