Pinnacle Internet Viewer

Pinnacle Internet Viewer
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Pinnacle Internet Viewer Instructions

NOTE: Any grade associated with an extra credit assignment does not have a negative impact on a student's overall grade.

Bloomingdale parents are now able to have instantaneous access online to student grade and attendance updates, as well as receive e-mail notification if grades should fall below a set level or if an unexcused absence is recorded.  As teachers enter grade and attendance information into their electronic gradebook, the Parent Internet Viewer organizes it for convenient viewing at any time.  Please refer to this parent guide or call the Middle/High Office if you have any questions.

The Pinnacle system used by Bloomingdale Public Schools acts as a firewall and ensures the security of all student information.  Parents may access their student’s grades by using a unique student ID and password.  The office will also be able to provide these to you in the form of a letter.  You may pick up the letter in person or have it mailed to you. 

Items to Consider:

·        Please be patient when waiting for grades to be submitted.  It is not realistic to expect teachers to enter grades the same day an assignment was due.  Grades will be posted as soon as the teacher’s schedule allows.

·        Changes in your student’s grade may seem to occur rapidly.  The grade book instantly recalculates the overall grade based on each assignment entered.  If you have concerns or questions, please e-mail the teacher.  On either the high school or middle school page, click on “Staff Contacts” on the menu to the left for e-mail listings.

·        Teachers may use different grading techniques, policies, and codes.  If you are unsure of a grading policy or code, please contact the teacher.

·        Based on the speed of your Internet connection or computer, it may take a few moments for a page to load.  Please be patient.

Instructions for Using the Parent Internet Viewer

1.  From the website:, click on “Parent Internet Viewer” in the menu on the right.

2.  Enter the Student ID and password for your student.  The main grade summary screen will load.  If you wish to view your student’s attendance summary, click on the icon on the left.

3.  To select information about a specific class, use the drop-down menus in the box to the left labeled “Class Reports”.  Click “Get Report”.

4.  If you wish to print a report, click on the “Print Report” option in the menu at the left.

5.  To sign up for e-mail notification on a regular basis, when grades fall below a given threshold, or in the event of an unexcused absence, click on “Email Signup” in the menu at the left.  Follow the directions on the screens that follow.


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