MS/HS Daily Announcements

*December 19, 2017*
1. Our next “Be the Change” activity is this Friday. Students must have 30 Be the Change tickets and be off ZAP in order to participate. Students please remember if you are on ZAP you LOSE 1 change ticket EVERYDAY unless you turn in ALL your work to the ZAP box or attend the morning ZAP work sessions. Please check the ZAP list posted by the middle school office every day to see if you’re on the list.
2. Attention all students – Quiz Bowl season is beginning soon! High school students can sign-up with Ms. Rall and middle school students can sign-up with Ms. Doorlag. Please see these teachers for more details.
3. This past Saturday we had the Miss Bloomingdale Pageant. Your Queens and their courts are as follows:
*Miss Bloomingdale 2018:* Hannah Felty
1st runner up: Jenna Shingledecker
2nd runner up: Brooke Harrison
*Miss Teen Bloomingdale 2018:* Mattie Moss
1st runner up: Caiyla Felty
2nd runner up: Savannah Ashbrook
*Miss Junior Teen Bloomingdale 2018:* Angel Felty
1st runner up: Lillian Ashbrook
2nd runner up: Kayla Webb
Finalist: Anastasia Howell
Congratulations to all the Queens and their courts!!
4. Attention high school students. The second ever “Clipped Tournament” will begin January 15th, after we return from break. You can begin to sign up with Mr. Smith starting tomorrow until the end of the week, and the first week that we are back from break. Entry will be five dollars, with a cash prize going to first and second place, so be sure to up your sneak game over break, to take home that sweet, sweet money.
5. High School Student Council there will be a meeting on Thursday in Mr. Baker’s room at 12:06.
6. Robotics students if you were not able to attend the meeting yesterday please see Mr. Baker today.
7. Candy grams will be sold during lunch times today.
8. Attention 7th and 8th grade girls interested in playing basketball. We will be starting the first day we come back from Christmas Break – Monday, January 8th, 2018.
9. Tryouts will be Monday and Tuesday. You must have a physical on file to participate. If you have any questions see Mr. Farmer in the high school.

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