Excellence in Education

Bloomingdale Public Schools board, administration, teachers, and staff are always striving to improve our schools, our communities, and our students’ lives. We are proud of our Michigan Reward School status and work hard to continue to achieve that status.  Our district works hard on academics and social engagement to ensure we are providing a balanced approach to educating students that attend our schools.

Bloomingdale Schools offer competitive academic programs that are carefully crafted to ensure consistent curriculum between grades and schools.  We are constantly evaluating how we can continue to improve our academics through both big picture and micro views.  Our goal is to ensure that every student that graduates from Bloomingdale Schools is successful in college or trade.

Our Schools

Our district contains three buildings:  Bloomingdale Elementary, Pullman Elementary, and Bloomingdale Middle/High School.  (For a detailed look at each of these schools, please take time to review the pages specific to them.)  These buildings service a large geographic area which includes Bloomingdale, Grand Junction, and Pullman.  We strive to have a positive impact on our communities both through direct connection with the schools and encouraged student engagement in their communities.

Athletics, Fine Arts, and MORE!

Sports and fine arts are an important part of developing our students and in their learning.  Bloomingdale School District understands this and strongly supports our sports and arts programs.  We offer football, volleyball, soccer, cross country, and cheer leading in the fall; basketball and wrestling in the winter; and baseball, softball, and track in the spring.  Our fine arts include marching band, concert band, and choir.

Bloomingdale Schools are home to a variety of clubs and organizations to support many interests of students from pre-k to high school seniors.  Our website, Facebook pages, and building secretaries can provide you with information on many of the organizations available to support your child’s interests.

Bloomingdale Schools have a lot to offer students and the community.  Take some time to get to know us and please call or stop by if you have questions or concerns.