Graduation Requirements (2016 Grads and Beyond)

Minimum Courses Required (must achieve a passing grade):

Mathematics- 5.5 credits

  • Algebra I- 1.5 credits
  • Geometry- 1.5 credits
  • Algebra II- 1.5 credits
  • Senior Math (MUST BE TAKEN DURING SENIOR YEAR, regardless of how many math credits they have already earned) 1 credit
  • (Some students will take a higher level math course instead of Senior Math)

Language Arts-6 credits

  • Language Arts 9-1.5 credits
  • Language Arts 10 or Advanced Lang. Arts 10-1.5 credits
  • Language Arts 11 or Advanced Placement English-1.5 credits
  • Speech (with senior projects)-1.5 credits

Science-3 credits

  • Physical Science-1 credit
  • Biology-1 credit
  • Chemistry or Physics-1 credit
  • (Some students will take Biology as a freshman, which will require them to take both Chemistry and Physics)

Social Studies-3 credits

  • World History & Geography-1 credit
  • US History & Geography-1 credit*
  • Economics-.5 credit
  • Government-.5 credit*
  • (US History & Geography and Government have an AP option, this adds an additional trimester to the course. So US History becomes 3 trimesters long, and Government becomes 2 trimesters long)

Health & Physical Education-1 credit

  • Health-.5 credit
  • Fitness-.5 credit

Fine Arts-1 credit

  • This includes performing arts, visual arts, applied arts and career tech education.

World Language-2 credits (One credit may be substituted for Fine Arts or Career Tech)

  • At least 4 trimesters of a language other than English, totaling 2 credits.


Additional Requirements:

10 hours of community service in the Senior Year