Welcome to Pullman Elementary!

Fly, Cardinals, Fly

We are proud of:

  • A school wide commitment to increasing proficiency in State Grade Level Expectations using a variety of teaching methods and strategies.
  • Updated online Accelerated Reader Program with Home Connection.
  • Recognized as an Accredited school.
  • Continued support from an active PTO, community members, and senior citizen volunteers.
  • District commitment to the curriculum development process.
  • Highly qualified educators and para-professionals.
  • Developmental programming for district children from birth to age 26.
  • Summer school and after school programs.
  • Strong commitment to the arts curriculum (music and art education).
  • Active student council.
  • Students in grades 3-5 scored above the state average on 12 out of 13 MEAP subsets.
  • Active school improvement team committed to facilitating excellence in education.
  • At risk child study team meeting process with input from various specialists, and the implementation of appropriate programming to meet the needs of the individual learner.

Positive Behavior Support

Four Guidelines

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Safe

Be Trustworthy


Cardi Cards

We reward good behavior and students who follow the four Bs with a Cardi Card. Cardi Cards can be given out by a teacher, paraprofessional, bus driver, playground supervisor, or any other staff member. Students place the Cardi Card in their classroom jar. Cards are drawn randomly throughout the week to receive rewards. The more cards in the jar, the higher the chance of winning a reward.


Cardi Card Jar

School wide

At the end of the week the principal asks each teacher to select a name from the classroom jar.

The selected students go to the office to help the principal with the pledge, be acknowledged on the loudspeaker, and choose a small token of appreciation from the prize box.


Cardi Card Jar

Individual Classrooms

Daily drawings that could result in a variety of awards including but not limited to:

Lunch with favorite person

Lunch with the principal

Draw on chalkboard

Be first in line

Choose the music for lunch

Be leader of a class game

Get first pick of recess equipment

Choose a movie for the class to watch

Principal Melissa Corona

The school office is open during the school year from 7:45 to 3:30 Monday through Friday
The office phone number is 269.236.5235